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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

moderating "biblical" comments

This is just a quick note to let you know one of the factors I consider when deciding whether or not to approve a comment for posting on this blog. If someone assumes and *states* that the answer to something is obvious because God said it in some passage in the Bible, yet both sides in the debate understand God to be saying something different in that passage, that post will not be approved. It assumes the truth of the conclusion of the argument. But this is a blog where we want to humbly and graciously listen to each other present our understandings of different passages of the Bible.

It is fine to say, "I believe that your understanding of that passage is incorrect for the following reasons." Such a post will be approved. It is not fine to say, "Well, don't argue with me about it. God is the one who said it." That is another way of saying: "I'm right; you're wrong, but I'm not willing to show you how I believe that you are wrong."

So posts which assume their conclusion will not be approved especially if they put down any individual or position in gender debates.

There are other kinds of posts which are not approved, either, including those which are ad hominem attacks, etc.

I try very hard to be totally fair in moderating this blog. I've had several years of experience moderating similar forums. It is not an easy job. Sometimes one or both sides become angry or frustrated with the moderating. And we moderators sometimes make mistakes. We try to allow as many comments to be posted as possible. I try to err on the side of allowing a comment to be posted than not be posted if there is doubt in my mind about the intentions of a poster. I know that this will be difficult for some of you to believe, but I really do not take into consideration the ideological position taken in a post, such as complementarian or egalitarian.

Sarcasm is one of the signals I look for in a post. Sarcasm tells me that there is a lack of grace and careful listening going on. I often will not approve sarcastic posts.

Thanks for everyone for working as hard as you do to make your posts fit within the blog posting guidelines (see the upper right margin for the guidelines).