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Monday, January 14, 2008

Are women called to be pastors?

Some women testify that they have been called by God to be pastors. Blogger Tim Challies believes that they have not been called to be pastors, since the "plain reading" of Scripture is that women cannot be pastors. Tim says on CBMW's Gender Blog:
In The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment I say that the local church is the best and most natural context for the exercise of discernment. The local church serves as the body which will confirm or refute a person's call to ministry. Hence it is the local church which is responsible to search the Scriptures and then to examine a person's life and credentials to see if that person truly is suited for ministry. I am convicted from a plain reading of Scripture that women are not permitted to serve as pastors. Therefore the local church would exercise discernment by telling her that she may not be a pastor. The church would not extend or confirm that call to ministry. Without the local church there is no call to pastoral ministry.
Tim concludes:
So my advice to a woman who felt a call to pastor a church would be to encourage her to speak to the leaders of a gospel-centered, church. Within that context she would have the joy of pursuing ministry, but ministry within the context of the local church, within the gifting and passions God has given her, and within the boundaries God has decreed.
Do you agree with Tim? Why or why not?