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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Letitia's back. Uh oh.

Some of you might think that I've been on vacation. Yeah, I wish. ;) I have had exceedingly limited time for blogging, so I have spent time working on my own new blog and devoting time to other issues. But I have kept abreast of the ongoings here, moderating comments while Wayne was on vacation (can I get one of those???). I feel the same as the other moderators on this blog, that things have spiraled a little out of control with hostile comments and attitudes unbecoming of our faith. This is certainly not what I signed up for.

I joined not because I thought I would derive much pleasure in becoming mired in what I see as a Christian side issue. Important in its own right, but nevertheless not an issue at the forefront of our faith. Some of you probably see it differently.

The Complegalitarian blog founders picked a theme that is probably THE most difficult issue within Christianity to navigate (thanks!). I joined because it is difficult, and I knew it would challenge my thinking. And it has.

However, I can also do without David's "endless regression of blame." It does no good to the conversation to assign motives and beliefs on another person that they do not hold just to tear it down.

And what about that? There is a strong tendency to argue out of our own past hurts and experiences and accuse others of perpetuating wrongs perceived. That's understandable; we are all human, but this blog could use a big BIG dose of objectivity.

So that is my request. Regardless of your position, please use objective language and try not to take offense so easily at someone else's comments.

My best,