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Friday, October 12, 2007

Stage Fright Bites, But Here Goes

Ever work hard to get an elusive job interview, an audience, or the one you've had a crush on finally picks up the phone, and it's time to say something and [deep breath]....nothing? My notepad where I've wanted to hammer out this post has been blank for a while, but I guess I hear the call to publish or perish. So here goes.

Since this blog is about the complementarian/egalitarian debate, I'll come right out with it: I'm a complementarian. By this, I understand there is one certain function within the Body of Christ that God wants only men to operate, that of pastor/bishop/elder. I believe this is the clear teaching of scripture. I do want to note that I do not take a traditionalist position. I do not take complementarianism liberally to extend to deacons, teachers, missionaries, or administrative positions within the church.

In the family, God places the husband as the head of the household. I take exception to the idea that this means "dictator, ruler, boss, king, whatever". The way I understand it, the husband is the one ultimately responsible for the household, the one God will demand to answer for the state of the family. The wife is the partner, uniting with her husband in forming a family that glorifies God. She is not, then, a doormat. God is the boss of the wife, who commands her to be a good partner, not an adversary in the relationship.

Obviously, my statements need a lot of unpacking. I will get into this later on.

Most importantly, I believe that taking the Bible seriously means wrestling with difficult passages and accepting hard truths even if I don't like them. I'm naturally rebellious which has a lot to do with that.

Feel free to peruse the following positions on male eldership from Acts 29 and my church, The Journey, which I pretty much agree with.