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Friday, October 19, 2007

Greetings (from Molly of the Far North)!

I am Molly: a home-school mother of five (ages 2-9), wife to an entrepreneur and builder, partner in our family greenhouse business and dweller in the Far North. I take college classes full-time online (so there goes my spare time, if indeed there was much leftover in the first place), read voraciously when I am able (currently am working through G.K.Chesterton's, "The Complete Father Brown," for my fiction, and have 3-4 non-fiction books piled up from the library by my bed). I really enjoy thinking and wondering and studying and doing, whether for a "credited" class or for whatever captures my (ever-changing) interests.

This is my family, all of whom I am so thankful for. What a gift from God people are! My kids are all weird, which they get from their parents, and I'm so glad for that, since I'm not sure I'd know what to do with normal, anyhow.

I love God. I don't ever remember a time not loving Him. I remember plenty of times I've questioned Him, ran from Him, ran straight back to Him, sobbed in His arms, jumped for joy in His smile, raged at His decisions, sighed with relief at His decisions, felt His presence tangibly, felt far away from His presence tangibly, etc, etc, etc. (In short, all of the experiences that most of us go through, the whole roller-coaster ride of being an earth-bound human being following a God who's kingdom is most decidedly not of this world's ways, who's thoughts are an entire realm above our own).

I loved God when I was a five year old kid, loved Him when I was a fightin' fundie, loved Him when I was a liberal charismatic, loved Him when I was a "pastor's wife" trying to be good at running VBS's and whatnot, loved Him working on the streets and in prisons, loved Him while birthing/nursing babies and being fairly isolated from the "outside world," and I love Him now as an emerging/emergent/missional (whatever) Jesus-follower [who's currently in a place of personal pain---btw, I'm battling a severely debilitating problem with my health, so, er, if you feel like writing my name down on your prayer list for healing, I'd be SO appreciative].

I am thankful for the opportunity to wonder and wander on this blog! The place of gender in our faith is something that has always captured my interest, and I've experienced a well-rounded gamut of personal conclusions from both sides of the spectrum. Thank you for including me here, Wayne and all. I look forward to getting to know everyone and the sharpening and nurturing that always comes when Believers are respectfully sharing thoughts, observations and questions together. :)