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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Comment guidelines

In the past few days I have sensed a genuine effort on the part of those posting and commenting that the content and character of both would be biblical. I especially appreciate the effort folks are making not to put others down for what they believe or say. Thank you. It is expected that there will often be sincere disagreements on this blog. But it is a beautiful thing when members of Christ's body treat each other with respect, love, and other biblical qualities when they disagree. Tonight I put up some guidelines in the right margin for commenting. Please note that comments which do not measure up to being biblical in content and character may be deleted without warning. This will be easier for the blog administrators than if all comments are moderated.

I would still like to see at least one more blogger join us here who is a complementarian and who can lovingly interact with others with whom they disagree (of course, we want the same biblical standard for egalitarian bloggers, as well!!). Please email me if you are interested.

Today my wife and I drove 500 miles from our home in Spokane, WA, to Eugene, OR, where her parents live. Her father had to be hospitalized this week. He was confused and weak. Our first stop when we arrived in Eugene was to visit him in the hospital. He is still weak, but the rest of the family here say that he has improved a lot from how he was the last couple of days. Please pray for him. He's been a spiritual example to his family as well as to me, his son-in-law. He is 91 years old and served for 30 years as a missionary in Mexico then pastored in the U.S. until retirement.

I only have a slow dial-up connection here in Oregon (there are faster connections at other people's houses, but I don't know them well enough to ask if I could connect my computer in their house!).